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National Rural Health Mission (NRHM)

Through a partnership with the National Rural Health Mission, HMF has been working since August 2007 on Community-Based Health Monitoring (CBHM) in its villages to keep track of government health services provided in the village. The NRHM chosen 12 districts in India for CBHM, Osmanabad being one of them. Within Osmanabad, HMF is working in the Tuljapur Block in conjunction with 3 Primary Health Centers: Andur, Naldrug, and Salgara (Divti) covering 45 villages. In India, each Primary Health Center has responsibility for 15 villages. As a part of the CBHM project, HMF has assigned one Bharat Vaidya to look over the work of 5 villages (this post is called Maansevi within the project).

The role of HMF within each of the villages is to:
1. Form a CBHM committee in each village
2. Train the committee members
3. Conduct one regular meeting per village per month
4. Inform the community about various NRHM schemes
5. Register cases where the Primary Health Center refuses to provide health carea
6. Conduct Jansunwai (PHC-wide level meetings) to discuss government health services and hold PHCs
    accountable for their work. From 2007 to 2010, Jansunwai have been conducted.
7. Collect data about grants received by PHCs and their usage